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07 February 2014

Viewnior 1.4 released

New features:
  • Read EXIF and IPTC metadata
  • Nitrogen support
  • Updated translations
  • Preserve metadata after image modification
  • Rendidering artifacts when panning
26 February 2012

Viewnior 1.3 released

New features:
  • Wallpaper support for LXDE
  • Hebrew translation
  • Wallpaper fix for XFCE
  • Minor fixes
24 February 2012

Viewnior 1.2 released

New features:
  • Improved menu interface
  • Wallpaper support for Gnome 2, Gnome 3, XFCE and FluxBox
  • --fullscreen argument to start in Fullscreen mode
  • GConf independent
  • Drop images with right click
  • Save 'Auto resize' option between sessions
15 December 2010

Viewnior 1.1 released

New features:
  • Full Drag'n'Drop support
  • Toggle window autoresize after image load
  • Remember window state (maximized) between startups
  • Add "Last Used Mode" zoom option
  • --slideshow argument to start in Slideshow mode
  • Gnome 3.0 ready
  • Remove deprecated gtk+/glib symbols
  • .desktop entry issue
This release depends on gtk+ 2.20.
Viewnior 1.1 PPA packages available for Lucid and Maverick users only!
30 March 2010

Viewnior 1.0 released

  • After cropping make the save action sensitive
  • Rendering issues under Ubuntu 9.10
  • Show position/total images in fullscreen view
  • Interface modifications/fixes
Viewnior's PPA for Lucid users is up and running!
17 March 2010


Wow, it has been almost four months since the last entry!
so, Viewnior is NOT dead. As you can see, we now have a new site design, hope you like it.
And YES, there WILL be Viewnior 1.0. I'm still gathering the goodies, so be prepared :P
21 November 2009

Sorry, boys & girls

I have to admit, that there is no time left for me to hack on Viewnior. But don't worry, Viewnior 1.0 will be out as soon as possible!

P.S. I also lost all my GPG & SSH keys :(
10 September 2009

Going 1.0

I will be brief.
The project was started with "simple and fast". Cropping functionality in the last (0.7) release is the only and ,I assure you, the last exception.
No image editing or photo management tools will be implemented, nor that "ultra mega giga fancy" functionality you may want. As said in the About page, Viewnior is and will be dependent only on gtk+.

Until now Viewnior was facing a new release every month. As a result, it is now stable and functional enough to enter the 1.0 release cycle. The next (0.8) version will become 1.0 and will be released sometime in October.
6 September 2009

Viewnior 0.7 released

New features:
  • Simple Crop functionality
  • "Open With" menu
  • Show/hide the toolbar
  • New mouse wheel action - "Scroll image up/down"

  • Honor image orientation metadata
  • Custom assigned keybindings don't get saved (#415022)
  • Image height displayed incorrectly (#422507)
31 August 2009

Soon: Viewnior 0.7

Viewnior 0.7 to be released on September 6!
The new release brings: simple crop functionality, "Open With" menu, option to show/hide the toolbar, new mouse wheel action and some important fixes. Full list of the changes will be available on the relase date.
Help Translate!.
15 August 2009

Viewnior's PPA for Karmic users

Refer to
9 August 2009

Viewnior 0.6 released

New features:
  • Preferences dialog
  • Configurable mouse actions
  • Properties dialog

  • Many User Interface fixes
  • Fix unaccurate double-click zooming
2 August 2009

Soon: Viewnior 0.6

Viewnior 0.6 is about to be released on 9 August.
You can give a helping hand by TRANSLATING it.

What's the new stuff? Well ... it's pretty much a secret :P
...but the git repo isn't.
26 June 2009

Viewnior 0.5 released

New features:
  • Rotate and flip images
  • Autohide toolbar and cursor in fullscreen mode
  • Popup (right-click) menu

  • "Fit to window" really works (scales above than 1:1)
26 June 2009

Site redesign

Cool, huh?
19 May 2009

Viewnior 0.4 released

New features:
  • Drag'n'Drop
  • Set Wallpaper (optional / only for Gnome)
  • Fullscreen and Slideshow
  • Add "Open Image" and "Open Folder" to the File menu
  • Add "Delete" to the File menu

  • Multiple code fixes
17 May 2009

Viewnior 0.3 released

New features:
  • Translations
  • File Navigation
  • UI - Add menu and toolbar

  • Message area is now complete
  • Improved small size icons
17 May 2009

Site launched

Welcome to Viewnior's homepage.